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Remove Anxiety & Become Stronger Than Ever With The 7 Disciplines I Learned While Training With A Vietnamese Grand Master

Before training with Grand Master, I was stressed, depressed, and anxious. I was constantly "beating myself up" and turned to pleasures of the flesh to cope.

I hated that I kept telling myself I'd stop doing certain things, and then I wouldn't. Or I'd succumb to peer pressure. And I knew it wasn't helping me be my best self.

One of my biggest failures was my first official game punting in the NFL.

dark clouds

It was a bright sunny day in Miami, and I was nailing 60-yard punts in warm up.

However, when it came my time to punt, dark grey clouds came over, and it started torrential downpouring!

My first official NFL punt was a 30-yard DUD.

For those of you who don't know a lot about football, 30 yards is not good... not good at all.

The clouds cleared up and the sun came back out again.

But, before my next punt, the wind kicked up and more storm clouds were rolling in.

It began raining again, this time even harder! I couldn't help but feel how unlucky I was.

"Hike!" The snap came back hard and fast and rocketed right through my hands into my gut.

I shanked another one. This time an even more pitiful punt of only 29 yards.

The weather cleared for the rest of the game, but my head didn't, which led to two more horrible punts.

Within only four games, despite being the first punter drafted, I was cut from the team.

Years later, my girlfriend introduced me to Grand Master.

Grand Master could tell I was unhappy. He said,

"You don’t have to live like this. There is another way. I show you."

He offered to train me. But despite being absolutely miserable, and being blown away by some of his powers, I refused his training.

It wasn't until years later, when I embarrassed myself in front of my family who had brought my baby daughter, after a night of partying, that I decided something had to change.

The next day, I saw Grand Master and he offered to train me again.

This time, I accepted.

I had previously been in the NFL, so I had trained with some great trainers, but Grand Master's approach to strength was much different.

john doing finger tip pushups

A picture of me doing fingertip push ups at Grand Master's!

I learned 7 disciplines after starting training with Grand Master, which not only helped me grow stronger but also helped me get rid of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Soon enough I was quitting my unhelpful habits that I had tried to quit many times (and failed), married my girlfriend, and opened a gym teaching others these 7 disciplines and helping them to grow stronger.

Many of my students have spoken out about the power of these 7 disciplines, including Mark and Rita.

"You feel great, you feel amazing, you're in great shape, you have tons of energy." - Mark

Rita Changed Her Stars!

You can use these 7 disciplines to help you beat stress, crush anxiety, and dominate depression.

You can use them to kick bad habits, including junk food addiction, and more.

You can become stronger than ever!

It doesn't matter how many times you said you'd quit and didn't (I did it so many times I couldn't even count them all).

It doesn't matter if you feel frustrated and "beat yourself up" (I certainly did).

You can still do it, and become stronger than ever!

I'd like to share these 7 disciplines with you, in my new book, Stronger Than Ever.

While this could easily help you attract the partner of your dreams, or even save your marriage.

While it could easily help you become the strongest version of yourself than ever before.

While this could help provide you peace of mind.

While this could be worth easily $100's or $1,000's of dollars to you, you can get access to it today for $1 per discipline... just $7!

Product is an e-book and will be delivered digitally immediately upon receiving payment.

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Refund policy: no refunds.

I look forward to helping you grow stronger and hearing YOUR story.

~ John Nies

john nies pushups

“John taught me so much about a subject I thought I was already an expert on: myself!”

- Katy F.

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