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Get Rid Of A Weak Grip and Hands, Using Weird Exercises That Let Me Do Fingertip Push Ups!

I thought I was strong. Until Grand Master brought me outside and proved me wrong... WITH A TWIG.

He had me hold a stick in a very specific way, and then said, "Now hold stick still. No moving."

It hadn’t even been 15 seconds and the stick began to wobble.

"What happen? Why you shaking? All those big muscle, can’t hold little stick?"

I brought my arm down. I felt like whacking him with it.

"Problem with ligament, in tendon. Very important to make stronger. With training I show you how."

This is one of the new ways I began to train my strength - something I had never learned as an athlete with the Buffalo Bills.

With new exercises to strengthen my ligaments and tendons, I began to be able to do finger tip push ups!

Here's a picture of me doing finger tip pushups at Grand Master's:

john doing finger tip pushups

Grand Master said hand strength was very important.

Hands can hurt, or they can heal.

That it's a choice, and life was all about choices.

You can learn how to strengthen your tendons, ligaments, and hands.

And do finger tip pushups like I am in this photo!

You can develop crazy strong wrists, hands, fingers, and grip!

When you do this, you will likely feel muscles in your forearms and hands that you've never felt worked out before!

Most workouts never deal with the strength of your tendons and ligaments, so you've likely never even felt them be sore before!

You'll get access to workout videos demonstrating how to strengthen your grip, hands, wrists, and fingers.

You can get access to The Ultimate Guide For Wrist, Hand, Finger, and Grip Strength today for only $97 $47!

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